Viewer Indiscretion

Viewer Indiscretion
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This gripping, heartfelt story is told from the viewpoint of two people who suffer widely publicized personal tragedies, each of whom responds differently to the public’s attention.  

Alex, a gifted 12-year old boy, becomes reclusive and suffers from Selective Mutism.  Taylor, a 32 year-old woman, thrusts herself into the public eye and becomes a high-profile criminal defense attorney.  When their parallel journeys converge, each is drawn into voyages of self-discovery and thought-provoking explorations of how it feels to live in the “fishbowl” following a highly publicized personal tragedy. 

As the story unfolds, an array of colorful characters both intensify and lighten the story: an ex-con rap star, a spunky grandmother, a child psychologist, an endearing chocolate Lab, a charismatic private investigator, and an entertainment agent.  Their interwoven lives enrich a remarkable voyage towards forgiveness and redemption.  Alex’s silence soon becomes the voice of Taylor’s past.  As their lives begin to transform, neither of them is prepared for what they will learn about each other—or themselves.

Viewer Indiscretion is a touching story that will challenge assumptions, provoke social discourse, and deepen empathy for those who are thrust into the spotlight.  It is a tale filled with characters that will open our hearts and minds, leaving us to view the world, and ourselves, through a more inspiring and compassionate lens.

  • What is morbid curiosity? Why do you think people have it?
  • Why do you have morbid curiosity?
  • In Viewer Indiscretion, morbid curiosity, compassionate curiosity, and celebrity curiosity are woven into the story. Can you think of other types of curiosity?
  • At what point does curiosity cross the line and become “morbid” or exploitive?
  • What did you learn from Viewer Indiscretion and how will the story change the way you think or behave when you encounter an accident or tragedy?
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