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Award-winning author, T.L. Wilson, announces her plan to up the ante from three books to five!

Beginning with the previous release of her first novel, Viewer Indiscretion, she continues to write “Fiction with a Purpose” — stories that raise awareness and stimulate thought-provoking discussions about social issues. It is her goal for each book to entertain readers, challenge conventional thinking, and expand perspectives to make the world a better place, one word at a time.

Eager to buy every book to see what happens next? Thank you! And welcome to the bandwagon! 

The latest marketing gimmick to sell multiple books by the same author.
The ability to enjoy an unusual mix of light-hearted, well-intentioned, really sarcastic writing along with stories that provide serious food-for-thoughtfulness.
The illogical phenomenon that occurs when the preference for a product increases as the number of consumers buying it increases. Yup. A book-buying fad!  Join it!
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The Chuck It ListaTM

Peaceful Purges & Protests

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Forget the Bucket List.  Here is a list of the things you no longer want to do or put up with before you die!  Phone menu systems?  Airplane armrest hogs?  45-syllable coffee orders?  Flopping in pro sports?

Also introducing musings by ANON(a)MUSEaTM — including Cures & Advice for Online Dating, Friends That Benefit, Electile Dysfunction and more comical reprieves from the stresses of everyday life!

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Viewer Indiscretion

Viewer Indiscretion

people in a fishbowlA riveting novel that explores the phenomenon of morbid curiosity from the perspective of two people who live in the “fishbowl” following their highly-publicized personal tragedies.

Viewer Indiscretion is a touching story that will challenge assumptions, provoke social discourse, and deepen empathy for those who are thrust into the spotlight.  It is a tale filled with characters that will open our hearts and minds, leaving us to view the world, and ourselves, through a more inspiring and compassionate lens.

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