The Chuck It List & Other Musings

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A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research,

Book 2 in the Quintology

Forget the Bucket List.  Aren’t there things you no longer want to do or put up with before you die?

It’s time for The Chuck It ListaTMPeaceful Purges & Protests.  Pet peeves, so to speak.

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Don’t we all have a Chuck It List of some kind, even if we haven’t actually written it out?  One-ply toilet paper?  The little thing that hangs off the letter “c” on the word façade?  Cards with glitter?

This book is filled with hilarious conversation starters and satirical musings by ANON(a)MUSEaTM, including:

  • The long overdue list of Cures & Advice for Online Dating
  • Newly Coined Phrases such as “Getting Indicted Into the Hall of Fame” and “Manopause”
  • Things that Should Make Most Normal People Happy: When someone boards a plane with a screaming baby and doesn’t sit next to you.
  • And an endless supply of critical Musings:  Why isn’t Phonetic spelled with an F?  Are there actually people who don’t press the “Skip this ad after 5 seconds” on YouTube?  Why don’t they use taller chairs on the sidelines for professional basketball players?

The Chuck It List provides a comical reprieve from the stresses of everyday life by presenting an amusing and skewed glance at society and ourselves.  It is the ideal platform to peacefully vent about commonly shared annoyances and serves as an impetus to submitting your own fist-pumping, downright liberating list of Chuck Its!

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