About T.L. Wilson

T.L. Wilson was born and raised on the east coast.  She is married and spends her time kayaking, hiking, traveling and reading whatever she can about spirited people who are risk takers and who have beaten the odds. 

She is acutely appreciative and tends to find herself overwhelmed by the “simple things” in daily life, such as supermarkets and the over-abundance of choices we have.

She has an aversion to rhubarb, cheap bed sheets, negative dispositions and mosquitoes.  She loves umlauts, unusual art by unknowns, pressing the mute button, changing the language to French on her technically-challenged friend’s GPS, and perhaps most importantly, she knows that goldfish have memory spans of three seconds (go ahead, test it) and almonds are a member of the peach family. 

tl wilson

Are you still reading?  Very impressive!  Wait.  There’s less! …

T.L. knows how to spell misspelled, refold maps, and she is most comfortable in jeans and a pair of western boots.  She struggles to make sense of why phonetic is spelled with a “ph” and spends her leisure time judging books by their covers.  She loves watching independent films, documentaries, and sports.  She actually does possess a working knowledge of what it means when the ball is going in a certain direction. She has jumped from an airplane (had a parachute), was a trial attorney (did not have a parachute), volunteered at a school for deaf children, campaigned to ban the use of semi-colons, and dispelled the myth that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.  T.L. has lived through a version of the Phoenix Myth, but states that she could have done without the burning on the pyre part.

T.L. Wilson continues to write “Fiction with a Purpose”—stories that raise awareness and stimulate thought-provoking discussions about social issues.  It is her goal for each book to entertain readers, challenge conventional thinking, and expand perspectives to make the world a better place, one word at a time.

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